Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My French and Indian Wars Minis (- French)

Here they are together at last.  Most recently based on metal washers and dimes (shhh  don't tell Uncle Sam!).  I will slowly start basing them and fixing up bis here and there.  Painting done by four different painters and some are Ebay acquisitions, but all in all they will do just fine for gaming.  Better than naked metal or white primer.
Overview shot

British Light Infantry (Blue Cuff)

British Highlanders

Assorted Natives (Huron, Mohawk, Shawnee, etc.)

Rangers from RAFM

Roger's Rangers from Galloping Major

Lots of settlers (all with scalps still attached...for now)

King Philips War Militia, but will do just fine in the FIW setting

British Light Infantry (Gold cuff)

Colonial Militia

Saturday, February 2, 2013

French and Indian Wars Update

 I have recieved my first batch of FIW figures back and they are excellent.  A mix of Old Glory 25s (Brit Light Infantry) and RAFM Highlanders and Indians (Shawnee).  I would love to share a picture, but my memory card for my camera is missing.  Anyways, will update soon.  Looking at starting a Long Rifle campaign set in Western Penn.  The background will be the aftermath of the Braddack campaign, with some twists.

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