Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ronin Game 160 Pts Westside Comics

Today, I tried out the game Ronin with the owner of Westside Comics and Games in Kapolei.  I took the opportunity to bring out my terrain and dust off some of the figures I have had sitting in foam for a couple years.  The setting was outside the wall of a Korean fortress during the Imjin War around 1598.  The local Choson commander has finally seen his request for Hwacha (Literally "Fire Car" Rocket Arrow cart) fulfilled and the new units have been set up for a demonstration fire this afternoon.  The local Japanese commander hearing the news and fearing the imbalance this new weapon system might bring to the region, orders a small group of samurai and ashigaru to raid the town and capture the Hwacha.  The approach of the Japanese triggers the militia and several Heavy Infantry to run to the defense of the Hwacha in the middle of town.

Japanese entered from the east (right side), Choson entered from the west (left).  Objective two Hwacha located in the middle of town in front of the main gate.

Japanese sneaking up into the town from the east

Korean militia from the west.
The Koreans moved to the north side of the objectives hoping to focus on the Japanese Commander and his 2IC.  If they were killed it might be possible to force the rest of the Japanese raiders to flee.
** We found the archery to be fairly ineffective at range even against poorly armored troops.  Best to be under 24" for any real damage.  Also if choosing to shoot twice in the turn (once during movement and once during action) to be a neat feature of the game system.  Also the modifiers (atk and def) are pretty good.**

Didn't take any more good pictures during the game, but we had to call it short because of time.  The Combat pool system takes a little getting used to, but is actually pretty neat.  It is quite deadly.  Most combat ended in kills.  By the end of turn 4, our last turn, two Koreans were dead and one lightly wounded with two Japanese dead at that point.

The systems is pretty solid.  No major issues with the rules.  The lack of a well defined Mongol faction is disappointing.  Also a distinction between Ming and Qing troops would have increased the variety of game and scenario options. If players are prepared ahead of time you can easily play this game of around 150 pts in 45 mins I think.

Friday, November 15, 2013

End of the FoW 7th Panzer 1940 Campaign

So after too much time and a bunch of real life obstacles, have decided to end the 1940 campaign.  The Germans were doing quite well.  Unfortunately the French reserves did not get into the fight yet.  I think it is plausible that significant damage could be done to the German heavy units as they encountered French heavy units.  However, the huge degradation of French infantry would severely limit the ability of French units to prevent a German breakthrough.  7th Panzer would be bloodied, but ultimately they could have achieved their objective. So congrats to the German players and hope we try this again in the future. It was fun!

Signing of the Franco-German Armistice at Compi├Ęgne (June 22, 1940)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Back from the Dead

  Back from my extended hiatus.  Master's Thesis Defense complete!  Back to wargaming.  Looking to get back on track with the 1940 Campaign, New Jutland project or basically just play anything I can.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Battle Report (#4 and #5 Engagement)

I played in both of these engagements and so was too busy getting beat to take pictures.  I will update the campaign slides when I get a chance and have them ready for Turn 4 to start on Nov 8th.

The #4 Engagement (9NOV13 @ Westside Comics) was fought by 14th Zouave (Infantry Company List) (Gen Agliany in his first game) vs a Leichte Panzer Company from 2/25th Pzr (Gen Welvert).  The scenario was surrounded.  This was not really the best scenario for a German force against French infantry.  For the Germans to be successful you need scenarios where the French are not able to field as many of its forces. I fought as the Germans and felt the sting of the French AT as I tried to maneuver closer tot eh town where the French were hold up, but no dice.  Poor Objective placement also contributed to my loss.  Oh well, the Germans lost their first Engagement.   Vive la France!

Engagement #5 was fought at Armchair Adventurer (10NOV13).  Gen Welvert fought as the already damaged 2/24th Tunisian against Gen Rommel who was borrowing a Leicthe Panzer Co. from Gen Van Luck's 66th Pzr.  The German onslught of Pzr Is was massive.  However, for the first time in the campaign, the French employed 3x Char Bs and although they did not kill their point value in enemy tanks, they were quite effective at holding objectives.  Only threat was German Stukas, which with some 20mm AA were driven off a couple times as well.  French infantry counterattacked as part of the scenario of Pincer several times, but were mowed down by the Panzer Is.  Fighting in a town surrounding the 2nd Obj were two French Infnatry platoons with HMGS and AT guns.  Unfortunately, the fast Pzr Is and Halftracks got into town before the French could get enough men into town to hold it.  Although the Germans paid fairly dearly, they did capture the town center eventually ending the game.

Friday, September 27, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France 1940 Turn 3

Turn 3 Movement and Contact Results.
Overview -
The French have fallen back.  The overwhelming odds, linked with poor leadership and failures at the tactical level forced most of the 5th DINA to fall back to secure the two major road junctions in the western portion of AO Afrique.  The good news is that initial link ups with the reserve armor of the first 1st DCR have begun.
The Germans have succeeded in digging the French out of their initial positions by attacks in the north and south of the sector, forcing central French units to re-position to prevent being enveloped.

       KG Rommel after defeating elements of the 6th Morrocan in their initial contact the KG turned due west and headed up the southern road towards Avernes-sur-Helpe
       KG Erdman defeated elements of 1/24th Tunisian west of Sars-Potieries and then pursued the unit as it withdrew towards Avenes-sur-Helpe.  Now  2/25th Pzr and 1/6th Infantry have run into 14th Zouaves Regiment and 1/24th Tunisian Bn holding positions NE of Avesnes-sur-Helpe.  French outnumber Germans 3 to 2.  Should be interesting.
      KG Von Luck  66th Pzr and 1/7th Inf continue to purse 95th Recon.  However, they have linked up with 2/24th Tunisian who withdrew prior to contact earlier giving them a 1-1 ratio versus the oncoming KG.  The 37th recon attempted to exit the woods to the south and attack 6th Morrocan but ran into units of KG Rommel heading NW.  2/7th Inf trails in reserve heading due west after 1/7th Inf

Map and Slides

Engagements to be played out:  Unit to Army List Reference Sheet
List Builder Online:  FOW Army Builder
#4 - 1/24th Tunisian Bn and 14th Zouaves vs.  2/25th Pzr Bn and 1/6th Inf Bn (TBD @ TBD) Pts -  Battle Report

#5 - 95th Recon Sqdn. and 2/24th Tunisian vs. 66th Pzr Bn and 1/7th Inf Bn (TBD @ TBD) Pts -  Battle Report

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battle Report (#2 Engagement)

95th Recon Sqdn. vs. 66th Pzr Bn and 1/7th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside)

   Scenario used was Surrounded for the French as defenders with a 20% point detriment as well because they were being attacked by two German BNs.  The French lost a plethora of armored vehicles in the first two rounds.  Stukas, 88s, and tank fire decimated the French ranks.  Once the Germans closed there was some success for the French, but it was too little too late.

A deadly cat fight in town.  Too bad S35s are one man turrets!

Germans pulled off another victory and forced the French Recon Squadron to displace to the west.  French 95th -20%.

Battle Report (#3 Engagement)

6th Moroccan Rgmt vs 1/25th Pzr Bn and 7th MC Inf Bn (26SEP @ Armchair Adventurer)

    The Brave, but stupid 6th Moroccan decided to defend on he western side of Liessies hoping to defend a gap between the river to the south and the main east heading road heading out of town.  The scenario rolled was encounter.  The French dug in their 75mm and the 1x Infantry Plt available moved into town to secure better positions before the reserves showed up.  The Germans moved into town from the east with a Schutzen Plt and their Recce far off to the south.  As their tank platoons (reserves) entered they moved them to the south of the town towards the objective near the bridge.

 French mortars smokes the crossroads in town twice hoping to fix the German infanty and armor and force them to the south.  They did just this, but the French guns were...out to lunch on hitting much. Another French infantry platoon entered to the south of the bridge and was completely out of the fight.

Because of scattered reserves and the lack of real mobility on he part of the French, the reserves came in predominately on the left  hand side of the table towards town.
 French guns set to defend against the oncoming German armor.  Unfortunately, the German recce freely strafed the guns and destroyed two guns.

The lack of mobility and the speed at which we had to played the game made it extremely fast.  I think both sides could have developed better plans and had more fun if time had permitted.  I personally felt really rushed and playing some new French units, I really didn't have a chance to experiment properly.  Oh well, next game.  6th Moroccan recoils and is down 20% in points.

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