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FoW Campaign 7th Panzer Turn 0 Slides Prior to BN Setup and Unit Assignments

Char B1 bis
Char B1 bis number 467 “Nivernais II”, 2nd Section, 3rd Company, 37th Combat Tank Battalion, 1st Armored Division, June 1940. 

This is what happens when your family is jet-lagged and sleeping all morning.  I can spend considerable time working on things.  The important stuff right?

Anyways, I have completed the slides for Turn 0.  They are located here:  Turn 0 Setup

Unit Commanders:

      German (Battalions)-                          Historical (or close enough) Name    
1/25th Pzr                                                  LTC Hanke
2/25th Pzr                                                  LTC von Rohr
66th Pzr                                                     LTC Walther
7th Motorcycle                                          MAJ Ziegler
6th Motorized/ PzrGren Inf                        LTC Mauss
7th Motorized/ PzrGren Inf                        LTC von Manteuffel
37 Recon                                                  MAJ Erdman
58th Engineers                                          MAJ Schultz
42nd Panzerjaeger Bn                               MAJ Gunther

German Historical References for 7th Pzr:

     French (Regiment or Battalions)-   Historical (or close enough) Name    
5th DINA                                                   Gen Agliany                                  
14th Zouaves Rgmt.                                    ColGirard
2/24th Tunisian Bn                                       Ltc DePaul
3/24th Tunisian Bn                                       Ltc Martin
6th Morroccan Rgmt.                                  Col Lateve
95th  Recon Bn                                           Maj. Lefevre
13th Engineers Co., 6th Morroccan Rgmt.   Capt. Brun

French Historical References for this 5th DINA:

1st DCR                                                     Gen Welvert
28e BCC Bn                                               Com. Pinot
37e BCC Bn                                               Com. De Cissey
25e BCC Bn                                               Com. Proust
26e BCC Bn                                               Com. Bonnot
5e BCP Bn                                                 Com. Perrodo
131/84e Eng Bn(-)                                      Capt. Simon

French Historical References for this 5th DINA:

French Overall Historical References 1940:

French  German 
Player 1   Player 2   Player 3   Player 4   Player 5
Gen Agliany   Gen Welvert   Gen Rommel   Gen Erdman   Gen Von Luck
37e BCC 28e BCC 1/25 Pzr 2/25 Pzr 66 Pzr
25e BCC 26e BCC 7th Motorcycle 6th Motorized 7th Motorized
5th BCP 131/84e Eng 42 Pzrjger 58 Engineers 37 Recon
14th Zouaves 2/24 Tunisian
6th Morrocan 3/24 Tunisian
13th Engineers
95th Recon

FoW Campaign: 7th Panzer France 1940 (Example of Operational /Turn update)

Here is what I have so far for turn updates/ briefing slides.  The only thing I am missing is a way to note current strength of each Battalion entity.  Please let me know what you think of the battle tracking slides Link to Power point slides.  The flashes between units indicates an engagement needs to be fought.  I don't want to clutter it too much so I left off directional arrows for past movement or results of last engagement.   So actually two briefings will need to come out per turn.  One to show new engagements (Recon Report) as a result of unit movements and then one to show results and trigger the next movement (Turn Report).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

FoW Campaign: 7th Panzer France 1940 Rules

Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1973-012-43, Erwin Rommel.jpg                    VS       Portrait of Brigadier-General Augustin-Marcelin Agliany
          Rommel                                                                Agliany                              Welvert
                                                  17 MAY 1940
     First off, thanks for participating in this experiment.  I am new to FoW myself, but a long-time fan of historical gaming and board war-gaming.  I am not using any FoW reference for the operational level campaign design.  FoW is the rule-set used for tactical engagements played out by the unit commanders (players).  The operational level will be represented on Google topo maps of the actual terrain.  Units will be from the listed TO&E and nothing smaller.  So 25th Pzr Regiment will have one chit itself moving on the map, or it will be its separate subordinate Battalions, but no smaller.  Im not breaking anything down below what is on the TO&E.  That would make this a mess to run. Except for some Eng companies it all battalions.  Outside of the general location of the unit on the map, I will track each unit's strength based on its success/failure in engagements.

     I am a fan of empowering leaders to make decisions and use their own judgment. That being said here are my few guidelines or play:

1) Scope of Engagements: The two players of any engagement have the latitude to conduct their game in anyway they see fit as long as they both agree on it.  If both sides decide to exclude air or even artillery and they just want to use tanks, fine, that's up to them. I just need the result of the engagement.  The point value for the engagement can be decided  by the players based on their time available that day.  The entire point of this is to have fun, learn more about FoW and learn some history on the side.  Its not a tournament and there is no prize.

2) Requirements for Engagments: The only thing I ask is that when the engagement is initiated, the possible lists for each side according to the TO&Es  needs to be adhered to exactly.  No extra panzer platoon or free infantry.  This just makes for more realistic campaign and connects the need for good operational maneuver on the map to good tactical success on the game table.
       For example:  The German 25th Pzr Regt or the 7th Divsion encounters elements of the French 12th Zouaves on the operational map.  At that time it is clear that a tactical engagement between the two will occur.  The German players look at the possible army lists and decides he is going to build and bring a Czech Pzr Company on Pg 72 of the Blitzkrieg book.  This does not need to be shared with his opponent until game day and in fact he can even switch to one of the other two options according to the TO&E allocated units anytime prior to the game.  The French player on the other hand is not so fortunate.  He has but one choice, the French Infantry Company listed on Pg 148 of Blitzkrieg.

As you can see some units have flexibility by the number of possible lists, making them more unpredictable and in some ways more powerful, and so they were in real life as well.  despite the various options on the lists you can still roughly determine the type of force you will be facing and prepare accordingly.  So like real commanders in the field for example, you know you are facing a mechanized infantry unit, but don't know if he has or will use tanks, lots of artillery or air until he arrives on the field.  The Fog of War.

3) Movement on the Operational Map:  Once unit commanders are assigned to units, each turn they will make the calls for their respectively assigned Regiments or Battalions for their movement.  We will use a simple 8 point compass (N_NE_E_SE_S_SW_W_NW) for picking the direction of travel of a unit.  I will move it according to terrain movement, enemy contact and unit spacing its full distance. So, example, Player 2 wants to move 2/25 Pzr Bn.  He says NW.  It is a mechanized unit and so it moves up a road and over some open terrain on its heading for a little more than 3km because of the increased allowance of the road.  The Bn ends it move out of enemy contact and is not stacked over more than one other unit.  Good to go, then next unit.  This continues until all the units have moved and then we resolve all contact and engagements.

4) Determining Engagements:  If chits from both sides are touching (or really close), they are in direct contact, which means an engagement is triggered.  I will place a flash over the location.  I will list the engagements and the units in a format like this:  1) 4 Km south of Sars-Porteries German 37th Recon vs French 12th Zouaves and 26e BCC.  You then reference the chart that has the allowed lists for each unit.  The German player can use: Leichte Panzer Pg66, Kradshutzen Inf Pg80,
 The French player can use: Infantry Company Pg 148 or Tank Combat (Squadron) Pg 144
Based on their respective allowed lists by unit.

5) Recording results:  Simple, I need three things. 1) Point values of both sides at the start, 2) Losses in platoons (anything that goes below 50% its starting strength), 3) Who won according to FoW rules and scenario specifics (Victory Points).

6) Operational effects because of tactical success or failure:
  Casualites --Units that suffered more than 50% casualties in points the engagement before will have their initial point value for the next engagement reduced by 10%.  This will simulate the effects of loss, lack of supply, etc.
     For example:  The German 1st Bn, 7th Motorized Infantry Regiment makes contact with the French 95th Recon Bn.  The Germans roll poorly and make some stupid moves in  a 1000pt game, loosing 600 pts worth of forces.  The next time this unit fights an engagement it will reduce its points available 10% from whatever the agreed upon point value for the engagement.  1/7th having pushed back the Recon Bn at quite a cost continues its attack the next day running into the French  3e Demi-Bde legere (Tank Bde). The players agree on a 750 point game.  The Germans must take 75pts (10%) off of their total points allowed because of the previous whooping they recived in their last engagement.  You can see how this effect can snowball and make units ineffective very quickly.  I think that accuratly represents the effects of battle very well especially in a campaign like this where the events took place over a very short span of time. Some units may need to be withdrawn very quickly to the rear because they will become un-winable lists after 1-2 beatings. There is no re-supply or rebuilding units,  Not feasible in the actual time period. 

Ok, so that it for now.  I will post a list of definitions and unit operational symbols later to demonstrate how the operational maneuver and weekly sitreps will work.  I am open to suggestions and if we need to all get together to discuss this and make sure we are all on the same page, Im cool with that too.

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FoW Mini Campaign: Rommel's 7th Panzer 16-18 May 1940

I really want to play a FoW campaign.  I am really sick of free for all games, where even if there are objectives they have no real meaning.  There are no consequences for casualties and the outcome of the fight is irrelevant.  Instead, I think that a campaign brings about a whole different play style and one that I think would be more enjoyable. So I decided to pick Rommel's notorious penetration towards Cambrai in May 1940 with two notable exceptions.  1) The 5th DINA (North African Division was awake and prepared to fight on the night of the 16th of May.  2) The 1st DCR (Tank Division) did not run out of fuel and was available for counter attack on the 16th of May.  These two factors may have ended Rommel's legend and career prematurely.  We'll see in this campaign....  Part 2 (Campaign Rules)  Part 3 (Turn Slide Format)  Part 4 (Unit TO&E and Unit Assignments), Part 4 (Online Army Builder), Part 5 (Video Explanation and latest Player Breakdown)
Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3

Using the historical TO+Es I linked up the units (Regimental and Battalion level) to FoW Army Lists from the Blitzkrieg book.  Each unit will have a marker on this map in the future and be able to move set distance based on type and modified by terrain.  I will manage the tracking and movement requests.  When units engage, I will notify the sides of the type of contact, total points value and lists available to use.  They meet, play a game and report the results in simple terms of Platoons destroyed and platoons damaged.  I will run a simple Victory point tally and determine result and withdraw or dissolve the loosing unit based on the result.
Specifics of the actual terrain on the map will also influence the terrain used in the engagement.  So woods on the map equals woods on the table, etc.  Pretty simple I think.  Here are the files so far:  Campaign Files Here is what I worked out for the TO+Es:

5th North African Infantry Div (5th DINA), Vth Corps, 1st Armee - Gen Agliany Possible Army Lists ( Blitzkreig )

6 Moroccan Tirailleurs Regiment                                   14 Zouaves Regiment Infantry Company Pg 158
13th Company Pioneers (6th Moroccan Regiment) Infantry Company Pg 158
2/24 Tunsian Tirailleurs Battalion Infantry Company Pg 158
95 Reconnaissance Battalion Recon Squadron Pg 152
22 Colonial Artillery Regiments Rolled into other lists
222 Colonial Artillery Regiment. Rolled into other lists
10th Batterie A.T. du 22nd regiment d'artilerie coloniale  Rolled into other lists
1st Armor Div (1st DCR), IX Corps, 9th Armee - Gen Welvert
1e Demi-brigade lourde (colonel Rabanit – 1 command B1bis tank) (1st heavy half-brigade)  28e BCC (commandant Pinot – 31 B1bis tanks and 3 replacement B1bis tanks)  Tank Combat (Company) Pg 142
37e BCC (commandant de Cissey – 31 B1bis tanks and 3 replacement B1bis tanks)  Tank Combat (Company) Pg 142
3e Demi-brigade légère (colonel Marc – 1 command Hotchkiss H39 tanks) (3rd light half-brigade)  25e BCC (commandant Pruvost – 40 Hotchkiss H39 tanks + 5 replacement H39 tanks)  Tank Combat (Squadron) Pg 144
26e BCC (commandant Bonnot – 40 Hotchkiss H39 tanks + 5 replacement H39 tanks)  Tank Combat (Squadron) Pg 144
5e BCP (Bataillon de Chasseurs Portés) (commandant Perrodo) (including 9 25mm SA34/37 AT guns)  Mechanized Inf Pg 146
305e RATTT (Régiment d'Artillerie à Tracteurs Tout Terrain) (colonel Castaignet)  (24 105mm C howitzers, 8 47mm SA37 AT guns, 6 25mm AA guns)  Rolled into other lists
131/1e Compagnie de sapeurs-mineurs (engineer company)  Infantry Company Pg 148
131/84e Compagnie mixte de transmission (mixed radio/telephone signal company)  Rolled into other lists
7th Panzer Division, 15th Panzer Corps   -GenMajor Rommel Possible Army Lists ( Blitzkreig )
25 Panzer Regiment Leicte Panzer Pg 66, Mittlere Panzer Pg 68, Czech Panzer Pg 72
66 Panzer Battalion
7 Motorcycle Battalion Kradshutzen Inf Pg 80
6 Motorized Infantry Regiment Schutzen Inf Pg 74
7 Motorized Infantry Regiment Schutzen Inf Pg 74
37 Reconnaissance Battalion Leichte Panzer Pg66, Kradshutzen Inf Pg80
78 Motorized Artillery Regiment Rolled into other lists
58 Motorized Combat Engineer Battalion Pioneer Co Pg 100
42nd Panzerjäger Battalion  Leichte Pioneer Pg 88

Muskets and Tomahawks: English Raid on a French Village

Location:  Quebec, New France (Several miles from nowhere)  The small village of Cheap Scalps.
24 AUG 1758
For weeks English raiding parties filled with filthy American colonists have been crossing the border into Quebec looking to kill any loyal subjects of King Louis XV.  Elements of the Regimente Longduc, a company of Marines and Canadian militia and Indian Allies were dispatched to respond to British incursions. On the evening of the 23rd of August reports streamed into the local outpost that American Loyalist troops were en route to Cheap Scalps.
The Town of Cheap Scalps, Quebec

The Mayors Cottage and HQ for the French during the battle

The Marines dig in with locals to defend the cabin on the southern flank

The Regmt. Longduc Company deploys at the crossroads prepared to react to British threats

The town was alerted as a British allied band of savages attacked one of the outlaying farmhouses.  The loyal French subjects put up a mighty fight killing several savages as they broke into the house.  One young girl survived fleeing towards town only to be butchered shortly there after by pursuing savages.  ( If you can't tell by now, I played on the French side...thus the obvious bias.)

The Marines and locals started to fire at the oncoming American loyalists and Indians.  Pushing the wagon over for cover seemed like a good idea at the time, but severely impeded movement and spotting, making it hard to defend the eastern side of this house.  The Marines ended up slowly withdrawing to the west across the road and picking up a better firing position.  Unfortunately, it would also be their last move together and many would find their graves behind that fence several turns later.

American Provincial volley fire into the Marines' position.  Even the French grizzly bear would not dare to exit the woods and assault the fearless and resilient Americans...  Best showing in any M+T game to date of Provincials here in HI.

French Marines re-positioned to support the artillery.  Our fearless...and stupid commander...trotted over to the guns to aide them with some "Follow Me Boys" actions.  But while riding with his nose in the air (French style command) he was picked off by a Yankee rifleman. Damn snipers!!  The artillery cards just never fell and the guns were able to fire only once in the game.  They did mow down 4 American provincials, but not enough to justify their cost in the time make sure the terrain ad the mission justify use of  gun.

On the northern side of town the regulars dueled with an American regular unit and its supporting Indians.  French Irregulars and Indians moved to support the regulars and eventually whittled away at the Americans and eliminated the threat.

The  Indians in the field to the north were impossible to hit ad kept taking pot shots at the northern flank units.  This proved important because the French units could not re-position fast enough to center the final British thrust up the middle of town.
The American Loyalist Light Infantry and Rifleman came up the middle through a corn field over running a Canadian Militia unit ad eventually the artillery with amazing speed, lucky rolls and card activations.

The Artillery and Marines disappeared with little or no fight as the amazing American infantry stormed towards the Mayors house.  French regulars and irregulars from the northern flank headed south to counter the light infantry.

American rifleman continue to harass French units from a perfect position just outside range of the French.

  In the end, the game was called at the end of turn 4 with the British/ American force only having killed half of the locals towns people in their Slaughter mission. Their side plot ended up being exactly the same.  An almost un-achievable mission given the amount of forces, civilians and terrain they had to deal with.  The French succeeded in protecting 2/3 rds of the populace with some prudent evacuation moves and positioning of civilians and also were able to kill an enemy officer as part of the side plot.  Even-though they broke through in the center of the battlefield it would have taken at least two more turns to wipe out the remaining towns people I think.  Meanwhile French forces from the north and south were slowly encircling the American loyalists who had lost most of their Indian contingent.  I doubt they could have survived a withdraw from the town.  Anyways, a great game.  I had a lot of fun with all the other players.  I haven't played in a while and I kept confusing the rules with other systems, so it got a little frustrating, but in the end a wonderful Saturday.

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Flames of War Army Building

  Early War
 I have settled on building three early war armies.

1) German Panzer Unit.  I have enough to build almost any list with good diversity.  The only one I can't are the Panzer 35ts.  I finally got a good amount of artillery so this force should work well in most scenarios.

2) Japanese army with everything.  I had to get the guns from Irregular Miniatures because the Battlefront ones haven't come out yet. Also the Type 97s I had to get from the LGS (Battle Honors) tanks.  Working on finishing up some cavalry for Kihei platoons.  With all the options availabe, the Japanese should be pretty dangerous.

3) French - I got a good amount of tanks and infantry with guns.   I can't wait to play them.  But they are only primed, not painted yet.

  Late War 

1) FJ Army components, infantry, pioneers, guns and a couple tanks.  Ive got some Tigers and Panthers so that way I can make any list from Bridge to Bridge.

2) Also, I have some Mid Late War American infantry and some tanks.  Nothing substantial.

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Japanese Army List for FoW game

7th Division
Fearless Veteran
Infantry Company
# Plts/ Sections



Combat Platoons

Hohei Plt + Banners
3 sqds + cmd
Hohei Plt + Banners
3sqds + cmd
Hohei Plt


Wepons Platoons

MG Plt. (4 guns)
8x guns + cmd
BN Gun Plt.(70mm)
2 guns + cmd 

Regt. Support Platoons

AT Type 94 (37mm)
2 guns + cmd+ Observer team (15)
Regt. Gun Plt.

Support Platoons

Sensha Company HQ
2x Type 97 (1x cmd)
Sensha Company (2 Plts)
8x Type 89

So I have a ton of infantry, tanks and guns.  I think this is a pretty good mix of capabilities, although we won't be too fast the wave should allow us to reach the enemies positions...  What happens then....who knows.  Game is on Thursday.
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