Friday, September 27, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France 1940 Turn 3

Turn 3 Movement and Contact Results.
Overview -
The French have fallen back.  The overwhelming odds, linked with poor leadership and failures at the tactical level forced most of the 5th DINA to fall back to secure the two major road junctions in the western portion of AO Afrique.  The good news is that initial link ups with the reserve armor of the first 1st DCR have begun.
The Germans have succeeded in digging the French out of their initial positions by attacks in the north and south of the sector, forcing central French units to re-position to prevent being enveloped.

       KG Rommel after defeating elements of the 6th Morrocan in their initial contact the KG turned due west and headed up the southern road towards Avernes-sur-Helpe
       KG Erdman defeated elements of 1/24th Tunisian west of Sars-Potieries and then pursued the unit as it withdrew towards Avenes-sur-Helpe.  Now  2/25th Pzr and 1/6th Infantry have run into 14th Zouaves Regiment and 1/24th Tunisian Bn holding positions NE of Avesnes-sur-Helpe.  French outnumber Germans 3 to 2.  Should be interesting.
      KG Von Luck  66th Pzr and 1/7th Inf continue to purse 95th Recon.  However, they have linked up with 2/24th Tunisian who withdrew prior to contact earlier giving them a 1-1 ratio versus the oncoming KG.  The 37th recon attempted to exit the woods to the south and attack 6th Morrocan but ran into units of KG Rommel heading NW.  2/7th Inf trails in reserve heading due west after 1/7th Inf

Map and Slides

Engagements to be played out:  Unit to Army List Reference Sheet
List Builder Online:  FOW Army Builder
#4 - 1/24th Tunisian Bn and 14th Zouaves vs.  2/25th Pzr Bn and 1/6th Inf Bn (TBD @ TBD) Pts -  Battle Report

#5 - 95th Recon Sqdn. and 2/24th Tunisian vs. 66th Pzr Bn and 1/7th Inf Bn (TBD @ TBD) Pts -  Battle Report

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battle Report (#2 Engagement)

95th Recon Sqdn. vs. 66th Pzr Bn and 1/7th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside)

   Scenario used was Surrounded for the French as defenders with a 20% point detriment as well because they were being attacked by two German BNs.  The French lost a plethora of armored vehicles in the first two rounds.  Stukas, 88s, and tank fire decimated the French ranks.  Once the Germans closed there was some success for the French, but it was too little too late.

A deadly cat fight in town.  Too bad S35s are one man turrets!

Germans pulled off another victory and forced the French Recon Squadron to displace to the west.  French 95th -20%.

Battle Report (#3 Engagement)

6th Moroccan Rgmt vs 1/25th Pzr Bn and 7th MC Inf Bn (26SEP @ Armchair Adventurer)

    The Brave, but stupid 6th Moroccan decided to defend on he western side of Liessies hoping to defend a gap between the river to the south and the main east heading road heading out of town.  The scenario rolled was encounter.  The French dug in their 75mm and the 1x Infantry Plt available moved into town to secure better positions before the reserves showed up.  The Germans moved into town from the east with a Schutzen Plt and their Recce far off to the south.  As their tank platoons (reserves) entered they moved them to the south of the town towards the objective near the bridge.

 French mortars smokes the crossroads in town twice hoping to fix the German infanty and armor and force them to the south.  They did just this, but the French guns were...out to lunch on hitting much. Another French infantry platoon entered to the south of the bridge and was completely out of the fight.

Because of scattered reserves and the lack of real mobility on he part of the French, the reserves came in predominately on the left  hand side of the table towards town.
 French guns set to defend against the oncoming German armor.  Unfortunately, the German recce freely strafed the guns and destroyed two guns.

The lack of mobility and the speed at which we had to played the game made it extremely fast.  I think both sides could have developed better plans and had more fun if time had permitted.  I personally felt really rushed and playing some new French units, I really didn't have a chance to experiment properly.  Oh well, next game.  6th Moroccan recoils and is down 20% in points.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Battle Report (#1 Engagement)

1/24th Tunisian Bn vs.  2/25th Pzr Bnand 1/6th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside)

    The group decided today that when attackers have greater than 2-1 advantage in size (based on BNs) they will gain +20% to their points.  This applied to the German force in this engagement.

The scenario rolled was hasty attack.  The Germans used a Leichte Pzr Co. with 1860 pts. and the French used the Colonial Fusiliers-Voltiguers list with 1550 pts.

The French defended with two Inf Platoons and a MG platoon with AT section and a platoon of 105s.  The rest of the force was in delayed reserve and would only have a couple show up in time by Turn 3.  Here we see the Germans making a bold thrust right through the center after successfully using their Stukas to degrade the French right flank.  German recon units also moved through the woods on the top of the board to get close to the other objective.  The French Inf platoon on the left flank was left out of the game after the Germans wisely removed the objective on that side as per the Hasty Attack scenario rules.

   The view from the French guns.  Where are the reserves!!!  The MG Platoon is quickly repositioning  to counter the German platoon in the woods headed toward the obj.

The view from the German side.  The fields in the middle did very little to obstruct field of vision.  Both the French 105s and German 88s ended up being fairly impotent in this engagement.

    German armor assaults the French center platoon.

The German Stukas decimated the MG platoon and the French 105s.  In the end the reserves did arrive with 3x Char Bs and 3x H35s, but they could not contest the central objective soon enough and so the French conceded the game.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France 1940 Turn 2

Turn 2 Movement and Contact Results.
Overview -
The French continued to defend in the road choke points as the 95th Recon prepared to conduct a Rearward Passage of Lines with 2/24th Tunsian.  Armor reserves continued to move eastward to support 5th DINA closer to the attacking Germans in AO Afrique.

The Germans have exploded out of the Sivrey Gap and are attacking in all directions.
       KG Rommel has directed all its forces to the southern road toward Liessiers and the defending 6th Moroccan Rgmt of the 5th DINA. They are beginning their attack of 6th Morrocan with 1/25thPzr and 7th MC Bn
       KG Erdman continued along the Sars-Poteries Road seizing the town and continuing on to attack 1/24th Tunisian with 2/25th Pzr and 1/6th Inf.
      KG Von Luck  After their first encounter with the French Recon, 66th Panzer, along with the fresh 7th Motorized continued to pursue and maintained contact with the French 95th Sqdn.  The 37th Recon looked to sneak through the wooded area to the south towards Sans-du-Nord.  Von Luck's 2/7th Infantry has closed up behind 1/7th Inf.

Map and Slides

Engagements to be played out:  Unit to Army List Reference Sheet
#1 - 1/24th Tunisian Bn vs.  2/25th Pzr Bn and 1/6th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside) Pts -1550 Battle Report

#2 - 95th Recon Sqdn. vs. 66th Pzr Bn and 1/7th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside) Pts - 1550  Battle Report

#3 - 6th Moroccan Rgmt vs 1/25th Pzr Bn and 7th MC Inf Bn (26SEP @ Armchair Adventurer) Pts - 1000 Battle Report

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France 1940 Turn 1

Turn 1 Movement and Contact Results.
Overview -
The French continued to defend in depth across both AOs with a movement of several BNs of armor reserves to the east.  The North Africans continued to hold their ground in the face of the German onslaught with the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron screening along the 5th DINA's FLOT.  French confidence continues to be high that they will be able to stop the approaching Panzer force dead in its tracks.

The Germans stumbled into the AO through a very constricting pass in the heavily forested terrain canalizing them onto the single road from Sivrey-Rance.
       KG Rommel shared some of the road with KG Von Luck, but due to Von Luck being in contact diverted to the south toward Liessiers and the defending 6th Moroccan Rgmt of the 5th DINA.
       KG Erdman moved to the north into Soire-le-Chateau forcing the French Recon Squadron to re-position to prevent envelopment from the north.
      KG Von Luck  Lead elements of the KG approached Soire-le-Chateu and attempted to bypass to the south lead elements of the 37th Recon and 66th Panzer came into contact with the French 95th Sqdn.  Von Luck's 2/7th Infantry was delayed somewhat due to high traffic on (we will call it H-1 for local reference and comparison).

Map and Slides

Engagements to be played out:  Unit to Army List Reference Sheet
#1 - French 95th Recon(Agliany) vs. 37th Recon and 66th Panzer (Von Luck)

#2 - None...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France Turn 0

At the behest of several guys I made a short video to explain my slides.  Video Link  I hope this clarifies my intent somewhat.  Any other issues let me know.  ...Update....Just figured out the video is HUGE! So you will have to download it I guess.  I might redo it later with a lower res video, but not right now.  Sorry!

Germans increased by one player.  SO two(2) French and three(3) German players.  Each of you should know your (Gen's name for identification) Here is the player/unit breakdown right now:

French  German 
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
Gen Agliany Gen Welvert Gen Rommel Gen Erdman Gen Von Luck
37e BCC 28e BCC 1/25 Pzr 2/25 Pzr 66 Pzr
25e BCC 26e BCC 7th Motorcycle 6th Motorized 7th Motorized
5th BCP 131/84e Eng 42 Pzrjger 58 Engineers 37 Recon
14th Zouaves 2/24 Tunisian
6th Morrocan 3/24 Tunisian
13th Engineers
95th Recon

I have updated and placed the Turn 0 Slide with deployments up.  Germans will be happy to know that the French are already in their positions.  So, let me know where you want your individual units placed for the start asap, so we can have everything done.  Link to Turn 0 Deployment Slides

Here is the updated and correctly cross referenced Bns and Regiments to their FoW Army Lists.  I only really added BE for the Colonial options for the infantry.  Nothing major, just a little more historically accurate I think fro the North African units.

Player 1
Gen Agliany Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
37e BCC Pg 142 N/A
25e BCC Pg 144 N/A
5th BCP Pg 146 N/A
14th Zouaves Pg 148 or 158 N/A
6th Morrocan Pg 158 (Colonial) Pg 100
13th Engineers N/A
95th Recon N/A
Player 2
Gen Welvert Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
28e BCC Pg 142 N/A
26e BCC Pg 144 N/A
131/84e Eng Pg 148 N/A
2/24 Tunisian Pg 158 (Colonial) Pg 100
3/24 Tunisian Pg 158 (Colonial) Pg 100
Player 3
Gen Rommel Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
1/25 Pzr Pg 66, 68 or 72 N/A
7th Motorcycle Pg 80 N/A
42 Pzrjger Pg 88 N/A
Player 4
Gen Erdman Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
2/25 Pzr Pg 66, 68 or 72 N/A
6th Motorized Pg 74 N/A
58 Engineers Pg 100 N/A
Player 5
Gen Von Luck Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
66 Pzr Pg 66, 68 or 72 N/A
7th Motorized Pg 74 N/A
37 Recon Pg 80 N/A

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer Army Online List Builder

Here is a great link to an online Army List Builder that covers the Blitzkrieg Book:

My First Run at FoW with the EW Japanese

As a complete newbie to Flames of War,  decided to start with something new in the game itself. Coincidentally, The Early War Japanese Army has just come out.  I scooped up a bunch of boxes and set ff to paint up a force and then take them out to fight.  Although they did not fare as well as I hoped, they did pretty well for a force that lacked some key artillery.

Of course,I got caught up in the game in the beginning and didn't take to many pictures until near the end.  Here is what happened.  We payed the scenario Counter Attack, with me as the one to Counter Attack.  My mobile reserves came on the table catty corner to my onboard deployment witht he goal of taking one of the enemy's objectives.  I deployed my infantry, machne guns, 2x AT guns and 2x man pack guns (70mm) in a defensive posture around my objective.  I also kept the Cmd Platoon of the Tank company (2 Type 97s)  on the board.  My mobile reserve consisted of two 5 tank platoons of Type 89s.  My opponent used an Early War Fallshirmjager list with a ton of guns and mortars.

The reserves rolled to come in on Turn 2 and proceeded to do well against the Geraman Infantry and MGs.  Unfortunately the limited rage of the tanks guns caused problems dealing witht he German AT guns which could range the Obj.  My tanks slowly tried to maneuver but ended up burning in the open as they maneuvered to get a shot at the guns.
You can see the strewn wreckage of the Type 89s burning to the upper right of the photo.
 Meanwhile, I maneuvered one infantry platoon to storm the woods in the center of the board as a means of closing wit the guns.  This took longer than anticipated and didn't really succeed in penetrating his front lines..
The remnants of the left platoon hides in the corn fields after failing in a bloody Banzai charge.

Bring the support weapons up to actually support the advance was really difficult and they were practically useless, especially the guns.

My Main Effort fights to drive the Germans more than 16" away from the objective, but a couple troops are still inside the radius when the final bell rings ending the game.
I learned from this game, that having the options for a list is really important.  I was constrained by the models available to the Japanese, because only 60% of their models are even out for sale yet.  My Type 97s and guns were all Battle Honors, because there isnt even a verified date for there release yet on the Battlefront site yet.  Artillery was the key issue.  The inability to pin his units or suppress his artillery hurt my maneuver.  I recently picked up a bunch of Irregular Miniatures guns, so I should have the full list available next time around.  Anyways, although there was a bunch of chuckling around the table, I think the Japanese if tuned up and used properly could be an extremely deadly army list.  Maximizing the special rules (except Banzai Charge) and adding gun and cavalry to the list will definitely make the Japanese more potent.

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