Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Battle Report (#4 and #5 Engagement)

I played in both of these engagements and so was too busy getting beat to take pictures.  I will update the campaign slides when I get a chance and have them ready for Turn 4 to start on Nov 8th.

The #4 Engagement (9NOV13 @ Westside Comics) was fought by 14th Zouave (Infantry Company List) (Gen Agliany in his first game) vs a Leichte Panzer Company from 2/25th Pzr (Gen Welvert).  The scenario was surrounded.  This was not really the best scenario for a German force against French infantry.  For the Germans to be successful you need scenarios where the French are not able to field as many of its forces. I fought as the Germans and felt the sting of the French AT as I tried to maneuver closer tot eh town where the French were hold up, but no dice.  Poor Objective placement also contributed to my loss.  Oh well, the Germans lost their first Engagement.   Vive la France!

Engagement #5 was fought at Armchair Adventurer (10NOV13).  Gen Welvert fought as the already damaged 2/24th Tunisian against Gen Rommel who was borrowing a Leicthe Panzer Co. from Gen Van Luck's 66th Pzr.  The German onslught of Pzr Is was massive.  However, for the first time in the campaign, the French employed 3x Char Bs and although they did not kill their point value in enemy tanks, they were quite effective at holding objectives.  Only threat was German Stukas, which with some 20mm AA were driven off a couple times as well.  French infantry counterattacked as part of the scenario of Pincer several times, but were mowed down by the Panzer Is.  Fighting in a town surrounding the 2nd Obj were two French Infnatry platoons with HMGS and AT guns.  Unfortunately, the fast Pzr Is and Halftracks got into town before the French could get enough men into town to hold it.  Although the Germans paid fairly dearly, they did capture the town center eventually ending the game.

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