Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is my Historical Wargaming Blog.  I have several areas of interest throughout history and it might seem like I have ADD from time to time as I jump from period to period, but they are pretty specific eras and are also generally limited by scale as well.

1)  Asia:  My interest in Asian Warfare seems to be by shear number of miniatures, primary.  My period interests include Chinese, Korean, Mongol and Japanese armies.  Chinese (Tang and Sung, 28mm), Korean (Koryo and Choson, 28mm), Mongol (25mm and 28mm) and Japanese (Edo and Sengoku-jidai, 25mm and 28mm).  Also as a period extra, which should fall under Japan, are some Wako Pirates (28mm).  These round out my Oriental Armies.  Now I add some post Civil War  US Marines for play in the Korean Conflict in 1877.  This allows me to play pretty much every thing from about 500AD to 1890.  Pretty cool!  I think the only thing I need to get would be some Japanese Meiji and Manchu Troops for the Sino-Japanese War and then later on the Japanese Invasion and Occupation of Taiwan.

2) Dark Ages:I bought a bunch of 25mm Plastic Vikings and then some metal as well.  The plastic were all painted wonderfully and all for $5.  Can't beat that.  I had wanted to play out some games with Vikings raiding villages or monasteries, but firstly never acquired an opposite force of the same scale painted (because Im too lazy to paint them myself) and secondly never found someone to play against.  With the printing of THW's Rally around the king I can now play skirmish and full set battles solo.  This is great and I am really looking forward to playing out some games once I get moved in to our new house.  A new friend here told me about another new game SAGA, which if I get a chance might be something to check out as well.

3) WW2:  This period of interest was initially going to be towards Flame of War as the system to use, but over time, the prices and the appearance of the game seemed to be less than what I wanted.  I wanted more of a Platoon on Platoon action game, rather than Company and Bn level.  Once again THW came to the rescue with NUTS!.  The series covers the entire WW2 period with army lists and even alternate ("Weird War") rules.  This will fit in great with my DUST Tactics kits that I still have un-assembled and sitting in a box somewhere.  Overall I don't expect to increase my collection in this time period as I have a good amount of 15,20,28mm models to play with at skirmish level.

4) WW1 Naval: During my last trip to the sandbox, I really became interested in GWAS (Great War at Sea wargame series from Avalanche Press).  The game operates at Strategic and Tactical level which I really like.  It lends to playing out campaigns better.  However, when playing the tactical level engagements I thought it would be really neat to have miniatures instead of counters and so began my interest in 1/6000 ships (They are TINY!) from Figurehead.  I bought a whole bunch and painted the British fleet somewhat, but motivation, time and life all ended that pursuit.  Next engagement TBD....

5) Civil War Ironclad: I was at some schooling in VA and GA recently and went to a Civil War Naval Museum.  Shortly thereafter I impulse bought a set of Ironclad rules and the Expansion Pack.  Well, no minis yet, but it is still of interest.  Like the WW1 Naval...TBD

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