Saturday, January 26, 2013

Painting Report

1) I received some of my Weird War 2 Germans back a couple days ago from the painter (Hoard Painting Service).  Fantastic paint jobs.  They are very detailed and well worth the price.  A couple more groups are coming back soon, so Im looking forward to a SOTR/Incursion or AE-WW2 game soon.

2) I decided to finish off my odds and ends of my Dystopian Wars Fleets and sent them out.  A lot of carrier and airship action.  These went out to TCP.  He does fantastic work on DW minis.  Cant wait to get them back.  Then all I will have left will be my CoA Feet and Army.

3)  Next I expect to get some FIW minis back next week.  I have two painters working on them.

4) Last but not least will be my return to Ancient Asian Skirmish.  I have sent out orders of Tang and Sung Chinese to the painter.  I have a bunch more Korean and Chinese to get painted and then I can look at playing out some historical skirmish from the Sui/Tang/Silla vs. Koguryo/Beakje/Yamato Wars.

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