Friday, March 15, 2013

Near and far term objectives to get in some gaming time coming up...

I won't reiterate my frustrations with school on this blog as I did in my SciFi one, but needless to say...moving on!

1) FIW - I got the guys ready and even have some game for them to hunt, so I am going to run the Long Rifle Campaign I was planning starting in the beginning of April.  We will see if there is any area support for playing at the LGS.

2) My Asian Fever has returned and I am looking to restart some Chinese/Korean/Japanese action going.  I should have my Koryo, Tang, Ming, Choson, Muromachi/Kamakra Shogunate warriors ready to take each others heads.  I plan on running the some Choson vs Toyotomi Hideyoshi skirmishes first with some twists (like the Koreans actually had a good army prepared to fight in 1592).  Or maybe the Shimazu Raid on Okinawa.  I planned a campaign years ago ad never actually carried it out.  The other campaign pending will be battles against the Wako Pirates in the Koryo and early Choson period.  I got mongols too....ooww so many options!
As for rule sets, I think Road to Osaka, Naginata or maybe THW Rally around the King

      3000BC to 1500 AD RRtK Historicals

3) WW2 Skirmish....lower priority, but I might do a historical version instead of the Wierd War/ Alternate AE-WW2/ SOTR game I was planning.

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