Monday, September 23, 2013

Battle Report (#1 Engagement)

1/24th Tunisian Bn vs.  2/25th Pzr Bnand 1/6th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside)

    The group decided today that when attackers have greater than 2-1 advantage in size (based on BNs) they will gain +20% to their points.  This applied to the German force in this engagement.

The scenario rolled was hasty attack.  The Germans used a Leichte Pzr Co. with 1860 pts. and the French used the Colonial Fusiliers-Voltiguers list with 1550 pts.

The French defended with two Inf Platoons and a MG platoon with AT section and a platoon of 105s.  The rest of the force was in delayed reserve and would only have a couple show up in time by Turn 3.  Here we see the Germans making a bold thrust right through the center after successfully using their Stukas to degrade the French right flank.  German recon units also moved through the woods on the top of the board to get close to the other objective.  The French Inf platoon on the left flank was left out of the game after the Germans wisely removed the objective on that side as per the Hasty Attack scenario rules.

   The view from the French guns.  Where are the reserves!!!  The MG Platoon is quickly repositioning  to counter the German platoon in the woods headed toward the obj.

The view from the German side.  The fields in the middle did very little to obstruct field of vision.  Both the French 105s and German 88s ended up being fairly impotent in this engagement.

    German armor assaults the French center platoon.

The German Stukas decimated the MG platoon and the French 105s.  In the end the reserves did arrive with 3x Char Bs and 3x H35s, but they could not contest the central objective soon enough and so the French conceded the game.

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