Saturday, September 7, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France Turn 0

At the behest of several guys I made a short video to explain my slides.  Video Link  I hope this clarifies my intent somewhat.  Any other issues let me know.  ...Update....Just figured out the video is HUGE! So you will have to download it I guess.  I might redo it later with a lower res video, but not right now.  Sorry!

Germans increased by one player.  SO two(2) French and three(3) German players.  Each of you should know your (Gen's name for identification) Here is the player/unit breakdown right now:

French  German 
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
Gen Agliany Gen Welvert Gen Rommel Gen Erdman Gen Von Luck
37e BCC 28e BCC 1/25 Pzr 2/25 Pzr 66 Pzr
25e BCC 26e BCC 7th Motorcycle 6th Motorized 7th Motorized
5th BCP 131/84e Eng 42 Pzrjger 58 Engineers 37 Recon
14th Zouaves 2/24 Tunisian
6th Morrocan 3/24 Tunisian
13th Engineers
95th Recon

I have updated and placed the Turn 0 Slide with deployments up.  Germans will be happy to know that the French are already in their positions.  So, let me know where you want your individual units placed for the start asap, so we can have everything done.  Link to Turn 0 Deployment Slides

Here is the updated and correctly cross referenced Bns and Regiments to their FoW Army Lists.  I only really added BE for the Colonial options for the infantry.  Nothing major, just a little more historically accurate I think fro the North African units.

Player 1
Gen Agliany Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
37e BCC Pg 142 N/A
25e BCC Pg 144 N/A
5th BCP Pg 146 N/A
14th Zouaves Pg 148 or 158 N/A
6th Morrocan Pg 158 (Colonial) Pg 100
13th Engineers N/A
95th Recon N/A
Player 2
Gen Welvert Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
28e BCC Pg 142 N/A
26e BCC Pg 144 N/A
131/84e Eng Pg 148 N/A
2/24 Tunisian Pg 158 (Colonial) Pg 100
3/24 Tunisian Pg 158 (Colonial) Pg 100
Player 3
Gen Rommel Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
1/25 Pzr Pg 66, 68 or 72 N/A
7th Motorcycle Pg 80 N/A
42 Pzrjger Pg 88 N/A
Player 4
Gen Erdman Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
2/25 Pzr Pg 66, 68 or 72 N/A
6th Motorized Pg 74 N/A
58 Engineers Pg 100 N/A
Player 5
Gen Von Luck Blitzkrieg Book Burning Empires
66 Pzr Pg 66, 68 or 72 N/A
7th Motorized Pg 74 N/A
37 Recon Pg 80 N/A

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