Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France 1940 Turn 1

Turn 1 Movement and Contact Results.
Overview -
The French continued to defend in depth across both AOs with a movement of several BNs of armor reserves to the east.  The North Africans continued to hold their ground in the face of the German onslaught with the 95th Reconnaissance Squadron screening along the 5th DINA's FLOT.  French confidence continues to be high that they will be able to stop the approaching Panzer force dead in its tracks.

The Germans stumbled into the AO through a very constricting pass in the heavily forested terrain canalizing them onto the single road from Sivrey-Rance.
       KG Rommel shared some of the road with KG Von Luck, but due to Von Luck being in contact diverted to the south toward Liessiers and the defending 6th Moroccan Rgmt of the 5th DINA.
       KG Erdman moved to the north into Soire-le-Chateau forcing the French Recon Squadron to re-position to prevent envelopment from the north.
      KG Von Luck  Lead elements of the KG approached Soire-le-Chateu and attempted to bypass to the south lead elements of the 37th Recon and 66th Panzer came into contact with the French 95th Sqdn.  Von Luck's 2/7th Infantry was delayed somewhat due to high traffic on (we will call it H-1 for local reference and comparison).

Map and Slides

Engagements to be played out:  Unit to Army List Reference Sheet
#1 - French 95th Recon(Agliany) vs. 37th Recon and 66th Panzer (Von Luck)

#2 - None...

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