Sunday, September 22, 2013

FoW Campaign 7th Panzer France 1940 Turn 2

Turn 2 Movement and Contact Results.
Overview -
The French continued to defend in the road choke points as the 95th Recon prepared to conduct a Rearward Passage of Lines with 2/24th Tunsian.  Armor reserves continued to move eastward to support 5th DINA closer to the attacking Germans in AO Afrique.

The Germans have exploded out of the Sivrey Gap and are attacking in all directions.
       KG Rommel has directed all its forces to the southern road toward Liessiers and the defending 6th Moroccan Rgmt of the 5th DINA. They are beginning their attack of 6th Morrocan with 1/25thPzr and 7th MC Bn
       KG Erdman continued along the Sars-Poteries Road seizing the town and continuing on to attack 1/24th Tunisian with 2/25th Pzr and 1/6th Inf.
      KG Von Luck  After their first encounter with the French Recon, 66th Panzer, along with the fresh 7th Motorized continued to pursue and maintained contact with the French 95th Sqdn.  The 37th Recon looked to sneak through the wooded area to the south towards Sans-du-Nord.  Von Luck's 2/7th Infantry has closed up behind 1/7th Inf.

Map and Slides

Engagements to be played out:  Unit to Army List Reference Sheet
#1 - 1/24th Tunisian Bn vs.  2/25th Pzr Bn and 1/6th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside) Pts -1550 Battle Report

#2 - 95th Recon Sqdn. vs. 66th Pzr Bn and 1/7th Inf Bn (22SEP @ Westside) Pts - 1550  Battle Report

#3 - 6th Moroccan Rgmt vs 1/25th Pzr Bn and 7th MC Inf Bn (26SEP @ Armchair Adventurer) Pts - 1000 Battle Report

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