Thursday, September 26, 2013

Battle Report (#3 Engagement)

6th Moroccan Rgmt vs 1/25th Pzr Bn and 7th MC Inf Bn (26SEP @ Armchair Adventurer)

    The Brave, but stupid 6th Moroccan decided to defend on he western side of Liessies hoping to defend a gap between the river to the south and the main east heading road heading out of town.  The scenario rolled was encounter.  The French dug in their 75mm and the 1x Infantry Plt available moved into town to secure better positions before the reserves showed up.  The Germans moved into town from the east with a Schutzen Plt and their Recce far off to the south.  As their tank platoons (reserves) entered they moved them to the south of the town towards the objective near the bridge.

 French mortars smokes the crossroads in town twice hoping to fix the German infanty and armor and force them to the south.  They did just this, but the French guns were...out to lunch on hitting much. Another French infantry platoon entered to the south of the bridge and was completely out of the fight.

Because of scattered reserves and the lack of real mobility on he part of the French, the reserves came in predominately on the left  hand side of the table towards town.
 French guns set to defend against the oncoming German armor.  Unfortunately, the German recce freely strafed the guns and destroyed two guns.

The lack of mobility and the speed at which we had to played the game made it extremely fast.  I think both sides could have developed better plans and had more fun if time had permitted.  I personally felt really rushed and playing some new French units, I really didn't have a chance to experiment properly.  Oh well, next game.  6th Moroccan recoils and is down 20% in points.


  1. Thanks for the game! I think the options for the French are there but finding the right balance is the key. The follow up hopefully to the 6th moroccan recoiling is that a German Infantry column can try and push them further and allowing more German vehicles to use that road and bridge! Mahalo for the game!

    1. I agree. Thanks for the game. I swear Im going to figure these French out eventually.


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