Thursday, August 8, 2013

1/300 Aircraft Games

Another area I have been broadening my interest has been in the area of 1/300/285  WW2 planes.  I have had the Actung Spitfire, Buffalo Wings and Whistling Death games from Fighting Wings for a while and played them a bit.  Its hard playing solo.  With DP9 (Heavy Gear's company) starting shut down lines of different games (Jovian Chronicles and Gearkrieg)  I decided to buy up a bunch before they became impossible to find.  Luftkrieg the air game for Gearkrieg was intriguing.  Being a fan of the old video games where you could fly the German jet fighters of WW2, I was very interested in the neat cross-over storyline.  In the search for miniatures I stumbled across MSD's Luftwaffe 1946.  Combining these and buying some other minis from other lines and on ebay I have assembled quite the air flotilla for each of the major powers. In order to prep them I have drilled and placed magnets into many of them and then primed them white for painting at a date ...TBD.  Anyways, with really cool telescoping magnet flight stands from Corsec I am looking forward to some great dog-fights in the future....also TBD....hopefully before I die.

Left to Right - P80s, Spitfires, Ascenders, Zeros, Shinden, P38s Ki-84s, German Pre Mig-15s, P54s

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