Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flames of War: My Japanese Army Part 2

  I started this project thinking...hey 15mm is so much faster and easier to paint than 28mm....wrong.  What 15mm lacks in detail it makes up for in volume.  15 tanks and four platoons of infantry were enough to humble me.  Anyways, the primary colors are on everything except the newest editions (guns and 2x Type 97 tanks).

Instead of waiting for Battlefront to introduce their Type 97s, Type 1 (At guns) and the Battalion 70mm guns I decided to pick up some Battle Honors cheap from one of the LGSs.   The AT guns were a little tricky, but the BN gun (in pieces on the right of the picture) were ridiculous.  Once painted and flocked Im sure no one will be able to tell.  The Type 97s are the 47mm variant that came out in '42 I believe, but they should do fine.  

BN Gun assembly...big fingers and small pieces do not work well together!

Well I tried color matching online and then finding the paints and then waiting for the ones I the end it came done to Ochre and a little patience for the first coat.  I plan to darken and detail today...

So the Hard edge cammo  pattern used by the Imperial Army requires a special khaki with a tinge of yellow different than the infantry uniforms.  I decided to go with Brown as the base coat and I will lighten and darken from here accordingly.  Mixxing the right amount of paint for batch painting 15 tanks was really hard.  However, having the P3 Palette (which I could have made myself!!) kept the paint at the right consistency for several hours as I went through these bad boys.  So all ten of my Type 89s.

Here are all the infantry and the 5 x Type 95s  I tried a deeper Ochre/ Tan mix for the Type 95s.  At a minimum when done the 95s and 89s should be similar but distinguishable.

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