Saturday, August 24, 2013

Flames of War Army Building

  Early War
 I have settled on building three early war armies.

1) German Panzer Unit.  I have enough to build almost any list with good diversity.  The only one I can't are the Panzer 35ts.  I finally got a good amount of artillery so this force should work well in most scenarios.

2) Japanese army with everything.  I had to get the guns from Irregular Miniatures because the Battlefront ones haven't come out yet. Also the Type 97s I had to get from the LGS (Battle Honors) tanks.  Working on finishing up some cavalry for Kihei platoons.  With all the options availabe, the Japanese should be pretty dangerous.

3) French - I got a good amount of tanks and infantry with guns.   I can't wait to play them.  But they are only primed, not painted yet.

  Late War 

1) FJ Army components, infantry, pioneers, guns and a couple tanks.  Ive got some Tigers and Panthers so that way I can make any list from Bridge to Bridge.

2) Also, I have some Mid Late War American infantry and some tanks.  Nothing substantial.

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