Sunday, August 25, 2013

FoW Mini Campaign: Rommel's 7th Panzer 16-18 May 1940

I really want to play a FoW campaign.  I am really sick of free for all games, where even if there are objectives they have no real meaning.  There are no consequences for casualties and the outcome of the fight is irrelevant.  Instead, I think that a campaign brings about a whole different play style and one that I think would be more enjoyable. So I decided to pick Rommel's notorious penetration towards Cambrai in May 1940 with two notable exceptions.  1) The 5th DINA (North African Division was awake and prepared to fight on the night of the 16th of May.  2) The 1st DCR (Tank Division) did not run out of fuel and was available for counter attack on the 16th of May.  These two factors may have ended Rommel's legend and career prematurely.  We'll see in this campaign....  Part 2 (Campaign Rules)  Part 3 (Turn Slide Format)  Part 4 (Unit TO&E and Unit Assignments), Part 4 (Online Army Builder), Part 5 (Video Explanation and latest Player Breakdown)
Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3

Using the historical TO+Es I linked up the units (Regimental and Battalion level) to FoW Army Lists from the Blitzkrieg book.  Each unit will have a marker on this map in the future and be able to move set distance based on type and modified by terrain.  I will manage the tracking and movement requests.  When units engage, I will notify the sides of the type of contact, total points value and lists available to use.  They meet, play a game and report the results in simple terms of Platoons destroyed and platoons damaged.  I will run a simple Victory point tally and determine result and withdraw or dissolve the loosing unit based on the result.
Specifics of the actual terrain on the map will also influence the terrain used in the engagement.  So woods on the map equals woods on the table, etc.  Pretty simple I think.  Here are the files so far:  Campaign Files Here is what I worked out for the TO+Es:

5th North African Infantry Div (5th DINA), Vth Corps, 1st Armee - Gen Agliany Possible Army Lists ( Blitzkreig )

6 Moroccan Tirailleurs Regiment                                   14 Zouaves Regiment Infantry Company Pg 158
13th Company Pioneers (6th Moroccan Regiment) Infantry Company Pg 158
2/24 Tunsian Tirailleurs Battalion Infantry Company Pg 158
95 Reconnaissance Battalion Recon Squadron Pg 152
22 Colonial Artillery Regiments Rolled into other lists
222 Colonial Artillery Regiment. Rolled into other lists
10th Batterie A.T. du 22nd regiment d'artilerie coloniale  Rolled into other lists
1st Armor Div (1st DCR), IX Corps, 9th Armee - Gen Welvert
1e Demi-brigade lourde (colonel Rabanit – 1 command B1bis tank) (1st heavy half-brigade)  28e BCC (commandant Pinot – 31 B1bis tanks and 3 replacement B1bis tanks)  Tank Combat (Company) Pg 142
37e BCC (commandant de Cissey – 31 B1bis tanks and 3 replacement B1bis tanks)  Tank Combat (Company) Pg 142
3e Demi-brigade légère (colonel Marc – 1 command Hotchkiss H39 tanks) (3rd light half-brigade)  25e BCC (commandant Pruvost – 40 Hotchkiss H39 tanks + 5 replacement H39 tanks)  Tank Combat (Squadron) Pg 144
26e BCC (commandant Bonnot – 40 Hotchkiss H39 tanks + 5 replacement H39 tanks)  Tank Combat (Squadron) Pg 144
5e BCP (Bataillon de Chasseurs Portés) (commandant Perrodo) (including 9 25mm SA34/37 AT guns)  Mechanized Inf Pg 146
305e RATTT (Régiment d'Artillerie à Tracteurs Tout Terrain) (colonel Castaignet)  (24 105mm C howitzers, 8 47mm SA37 AT guns, 6 25mm AA guns)  Rolled into other lists
131/1e Compagnie de sapeurs-mineurs (engineer company)  Infantry Company Pg 148
131/84e Compagnie mixte de transmission (mixed radio/telephone signal company)  Rolled into other lists
7th Panzer Division, 15th Panzer Corps   -GenMajor Rommel Possible Army Lists ( Blitzkreig )
25 Panzer Regiment Leicte Panzer Pg 66, Mittlere Panzer Pg 68, Czech Panzer Pg 72
66 Panzer Battalion
7 Motorcycle Battalion Kradshutzen Inf Pg 80
6 Motorized Infantry Regiment Schutzen Inf Pg 74
7 Motorized Infantry Regiment Schutzen Inf Pg 74
37 Reconnaissance Battalion Leichte Panzer Pg66, Kradshutzen Inf Pg80
78 Motorized Artillery Regiment Rolled into other lists
58 Motorized Combat Engineer Battalion Pioneer Co Pg 100
42nd Panzerjäger Battalion  Leichte Pioneer Pg 88


  1. You may want to put this up on the main Flames of War forums if your looking for more people to just report AARs to you. But Free for All, is just one mission out of the number of missions available.

  2. Yeah, thought about that bu that will require much more communications and coordination. I was just looking for a fun little short campaign that does not require too much work to maintain, is fluid an fun at the same time...not sure if that's achievable, but we'll see.

  3. Brian -

    I am long time Flames of War player and live on Maui. I will be on Oahu in late February. Would you be interested in playing a game?

    Bob Burnham

    1. Robert,
      Sorry, but I have moved back to the Mainland. Im sure f you contact Steven Uy...comments above, he would be interested or he can put you in contact with someone else. There are quite a few guys over on Oahu. Sorry, wish I could, but the job just keeps me moving around. Good Luck,


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