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FoW Campaign 7th Panzer Turn 0 Slides Prior to BN Setup and Unit Assignments

Char B1 bis
Char B1 bis number 467 “Nivernais II”, 2nd Section, 3rd Company, 37th Combat Tank Battalion, 1st Armored Division, June 1940. 

This is what happens when your family is jet-lagged and sleeping all morning.  I can spend considerable time working on things.  The important stuff right?

Anyways, I have completed the slides for Turn 0.  They are located here:  Turn 0 Setup

Unit Commanders:

      German (Battalions)-                          Historical (or close enough) Name    
1/25th Pzr                                                  LTC Hanke
2/25th Pzr                                                  LTC von Rohr
66th Pzr                                                     LTC Walther
7th Motorcycle                                          MAJ Ziegler
6th Motorized/ PzrGren Inf                        LTC Mauss
7th Motorized/ PzrGren Inf                        LTC von Manteuffel
37 Recon                                                  MAJ Erdman
58th Engineers                                          MAJ Schultz
42nd Panzerjaeger Bn                               MAJ Gunther

German Historical References for 7th Pzr:

     French (Regiment or Battalions)-   Historical (or close enough) Name    
5th DINA                                                   Gen Agliany                                  
14th Zouaves Rgmt.                                    ColGirard
2/24th Tunisian Bn                                       Ltc DePaul
3/24th Tunisian Bn                                       Ltc Martin
6th Morroccan Rgmt.                                  Col Lateve
95th  Recon Bn                                           Maj. Lefevre
13th Engineers Co., 6th Morroccan Rgmt.   Capt. Brun

French Historical References for this 5th DINA:

1st DCR                                                     Gen Welvert
28e BCC Bn                                               Com. Pinot
37e BCC Bn                                               Com. De Cissey
25e BCC Bn                                               Com. Proust
26e BCC Bn                                               Com. Bonnot
5e BCP Bn                                                 Com. Perrodo
131/84e Eng Bn(-)                                      Capt. Simon

French Historical References for this 5th DINA:

French Overall Historical References 1940:

French  German 
Player 1   Player 2   Player 3   Player 4   Player 5
Gen Agliany   Gen Welvert   Gen Rommel   Gen Erdman   Gen Von Luck
37e BCC 28e BCC 1/25 Pzr 2/25 Pzr 66 Pzr
25e BCC 26e BCC 7th Motorcycle 6th Motorized 7th Motorized
5th BCP 131/84e Eng 42 Pzrjger 58 Engineers 37 Recon
14th Zouaves 2/24 Tunisian
6th Morrocan 3/24 Tunisian
13th Engineers
95th Recon

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