Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flames of War: My Early War German Army

So in keeping with my interest in Axis forces, I decided I would assemble a German comapnay as well from a bunch of German 15mm stuff I already had.  This army is 80% painted and I in the process of modifying its basing, etc. for use with FoW rules.
So the infantry are Mid or Late war I believe, but close enough for the early war Schutzen infantry.  Picked up the trucks to move them.  Also bought two Schwer Panzerspah for recon.  Then as for tanks, I have 1x Command Tankette, 2x Panzer IICs,  5x Panzer IIIs and 2x Panzer IVs.  This will be used as a Mittlere Panzer Company.  Wish I had two more Panzer IVs for more heavy guns.  Just have to paint up the trucks and Panzerspahs....and maybe the Panzer IVs and then flock the bases. This and the Japanese by this Thursday... for my first games of FoW!!

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